Fredrik Bernshed is the new CEO of Arrow Lake AB


We are happy to announce our new CEO Fredrik Bernshed!

Arrow Lake’s Board of Directors has appointed Fredrik Bernshed as the new CEO of Arrow Lake AB. Fredrik will assume his new position on September 1st and will lead Arrow Lake’s continued work to develop the world’s most efficient ozone technology to improve water and air purification for a sustainable future.

– “We are very pleased that Fredrik chose to board as CFO at Arrow Lake in February this year and now take the step into a CEO role. His solid experience of international growth companies together with his background in finance will give us a stable foundation but also real strength to continue the growth journey we are on”, says Ali Jehanfard, the company’s Chairman of the Board.

Fredrik has decades of experience in international business growth. He has also held many board assignments and CEO roles since his career began in 1994 at MalmöMässan and Sydexpo. He has lived in several countries and has experience in both sales and production.

– “It feels fantastic and exciting to step into a company where the focus is on growth and in a sustainable and interesting area such as ozone treatment. Since my career in motorsport, I have become more and more interested in sustainability, and as Arrow Lake acts globally, I feel that we are making a difference and hopefully, we are helping to leave a better world for our children. I have great confidence in the founders of Arrow Lake and other staff. There is an impressive competence among my co-workers. I thank you for the trust and am convinced that we have only seen the beginning of this journey together”, says Arrow Lake’s CEO, Fredrik Bernshed.

Founder and former CEO Arash Golshenas takes on a role as COO where he will take advantage of his long experience in technology and development.

-” I have longed to focus on technology and development and now that the company is growing, it is nice to have an experienced person like Fredrik to lead sales and administration, especially if we carry out an IPO. We work very well together and I am happy that Fredrik accepted our headhunting, not least as I know that he has turned down several other assignments in recent years”, says Arash Golshenas, Co-founder and COO at Arrow Lake.