At Arrow Lake we combine own developed products with 3rd party products, all to be able to offer you the best possible solution. The technologies that we have in our portfolio are carefully chosen to complement each other, no matter what kind of challenge you have.

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The Qube

The Qube® is a new Swedish developed and manufactured ozone generator that refines existing ozone generation technology.

With a new ground-breaking ozone reactor at its heart, The Qube® produces high concentration ozone and is more energy-efficient than traditional technology.

The scalable concept means trouble-free customization of the ozone demand towards your application and no need to oversize, hence overpay. The Qube® can easily be scaled up to meet the new demand when the need arises.

The Qube® is robust and compact unit which is easy to integrate into your application.

The Qube® – simply better ozone technology.

Different performance versions

Various applications demand various performance and that is why The Qube® is available in three different versions.

  • The Qube®- S. Standard version will be able to handle a gas pressure of 1.0-3.0 bar(g) with an ozone concentration of up to 300 g/Nm3.
  • The Qube®- HP. High-pressure version will be able to handle ozone gas pressure up to 4.5 bar(g)
  • The Qube®- HC. High-performance version will handle ozone concentrations up to 400 g/Nm3 without leaving any impurities in the gas.


The unique HESS(TM) enclosure system

With the patented HESS system (Hygienic EMC Sealing System) The Qube® would fit into the most hygiene demanding applications. Moreover, due to its EMC certification, it can be installed near sensitive electronics.


Scalability and Modularity

The scalable system builds up on a reactor with an integrated inverter that produces 88 gram of ozone per hour. Once the ozone demand increases, additional modules are installed to meet it.

The Qube® has 4 different frame sizes to fulfil the scalability of your ozone generator.

  • 230 / 400 VAC
  • Cooling water up to 30°C
  • Beijer XPS control system
Conc / Power 140/Nm3 200/Nm3 250g/Nm3 300g/Nm3
750 88 74 52 40
1500 176 150 106 82
2250 264 224 160 124
3000 352 300 214 166
3750 440 374 266 208



The Qube  1 Module 
Capacity*  88 gr/h   4.65 lbs/day  
Ozone concentration**  140-300 gr/Nm3  9-20 wt% 
Control range  10-100%  10-100% 
Energy consumption*  8kW per kg O3  3,63 kW per lbs 
Gas pressure***  1.0-3.0 barg  up to 58 PSI 
Oxygen purity  >92%  >92% 
Cooling water temp  2-30°C  35-86°F 
Max cooling water pressure  7 barg  100 PSI 
Ambient temperature range  5-40°C  40-105°F 
IP-Class  Frame size 1 – IP66 Frame size 2-4 – IP65   NEMA4x 
Control System  Beijer XPS
External com port  Modbus TCP 
HMI   7″ Touch 
* at a ozone gas concentration of 140 gr/Nm3 (9 wt%)   
** Standard version (High performance version 200-400 gr/Nm3 (13.4-25.0wt%) 
*** Standard version (High pressure version up to 4,5 barg (up to 72 PSI)  

The Triton mixer

Without adding any energy, the Triton mixer™ efficiently dissolves disperses ozone into the water, incorporating a two-phase, gas-liquid into a turbulent liquid mixture. Mass transfer rates are dramatically enhanced to maximize absorption. Since the mixer does not have any moving or electrical parts it can be placed very close to the machinery that needs ozonated water without any special considerations. The compact size and shape of the Triton mixer is ideal for retrofitting.

The Triton mixer™ is designed to be used in applications in which you are connected directly to the incoming water (in-line) and where your application is a closed, meaning no open water. It has specially been designed to be used for the first (post-harvest) brushing/ polishing steps for root vegetable producers since the water is that process initial step in normal case only comes in contact with the product once.

  Triton 20  Triton 5 
Maximum water flow  20 m3/h  5 m3/h 
Maximum water pressure   Up to 10 barg  Up to 10 barg 
Pressure drop (full flow)  0.8-0.9   
Maximum gas flow  20 lpm  5 lpm 
Maximum gas pressure  4 barg  4 barg 

Triton MIxer

Dextens Ozone sensors

The Dextens ozone sensors are ideal for high-precision measurements under harsh conditions. The measurement range varies from trace to saturation level (0.1 ppb to 400 ppm). Its concept and precise mechanical assembly ensure an optimal performance, a life cycle of about 8 years and low maintenance costs.

This Ozone sensor is based on a Clark Cell and consists of a semi-permeable membrane, gold and silver electrodes immersed in an electrolytic solution. It has the same design and uses the same technology as the oxygen sensor, the main difference being that the gard ring is in platinum instead of silver.

Features & Benefits

Detection limits < 0.1 PPB (dissolved) or 0 mbar (v/v) gaseous

Low maintenance costs:

  • Interchangeable anode/electrode: can be changed in few minutes at low cost
  • Minimal membrane surface in contact with the sample reduces maintenance frequency
  • Large anode surface: the anode is less quickly consumed by the electrochemical reaction and must thus be changed less frequently

Easy calibration process (only 1 point needed): an Eeprom stores the calibration parameters and avoids recalibration process if the sensor is connected to another Dextens instrument

Temperature sensor is integrated in the cathode assembly, enabling a faster temperature reading

Protection cap with special surface treatment: the sensor is very hygienic

Stainless steel construction: ideal for harsh chemical conditions and high pressures

(BPR (EU) 528/2012)

“The Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) concerns the placing on the market and use of biocidal products, which are used to protect humans, animals, materials or articles against harmful organisms, like pests or bacteria, by the action of the active substances contained in the biocidal product”
Ozone, and other in situ generated biocides, now comes under the scope of the BPR. This legislation requires that the active substance (ozone) is authorised which involves the writing of an Active Substance Dossier and the subsequent evaluation of that dossier by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and a Competent Authority (CA), for example the HSE in the UK. On approval of the Active Substance dossier the “products” containing the active substance must be authorised which involves the assessment by EHCA and the CA of specific Product Authorisation dossiers. The Product Dossiers must contain full specific efficacy data for the product/application and full risk assessments.

Arrow Lake AB are members of the European Ozone Trade Association (EuOTA). This organisation was formed with the sole purpose of bringing responsible ozone companies together in order to compile an Active Substance Dossier for ozone. This dossier was validated by the Dutch CA (the Ctgb) in 2017 and is now undergoing a full assessment. Subsequent to this EuOTA will be preparing a series of product dossiers to enable its members to continue to sell compliant products in the future.
To use your ozone system for biocidal purposes in the future you must ensure that the product you use is being put through the BPR authorisation process. Further information can be found at:

All chemicals which are used in quantities greater than 1.000 kg per year and that are not Biocides, must comply with the REACH Regulations. EuOTA is assisting its members to comply with this legislation.