The Qube

The Qube® is a new Swedish developed and manufactured ozone generator that refines existing ozone generation technology.

With a new ground-breaking ozone reactor at its heart, The Qube® produces high concentration ozone and is more energy-efficient than traditional technology.

The scalable concept means trouble-free customization of the ozone demand towards your application and no need to oversize, hence overpay. The Qube® can easily be scaled up to meet the new demand when the need arises.

The Qube® is robust and compact unit which is easy to integrate into your application.

The Qube® – simply better ozone technology.

Different performance versions

Various applications demand various performance and that is why The Qube® is available in three different versions.

  • The Qube®- S. Standard version will be able to handle a gas pressure of 1.0-3.0 bar(g) with an ozone concentration of up to 300 g/Nm3.
  • The Qube®- HP. High-pressure version will be able to handle ozone gas pressure up to 4.5 bar(g)
  • The Qube®- HC. High-performance version will handle ozone concentrations up to 400 g/Nm3 without leaving any impurities in the gas.


The unique HESS(TM) enclosure system

With the patented HESS system (Hygienic EMC Sealing System) The Qube® would fit into the most hygiene demanding applications. Moreover, due to its EMC certification, it can be installed near sensitive electronics.


Scalability and Modularity

The scalable system builds up on a reactor with an integrated inverter that produces 88 gram of ozone per hour. Once the ozone demand increases, additional modules are installed to meet it.

The Qube® has 4 different frame sizes to fulfil the scalability of your ozone generator.

  • 230 / 400 VAC
  • Cooling water up to 30°C
  • Beijer XPS control system
Conc / Power 140/Nm3 200/Nm3 250g/Nm3 300g/Nm3
750 88 74 52 40
1500 176 150 106 82
2250 264 224 160 124
3000 352 300 214 166
3750 440 374 266 208



The Qube  1 Module 
Capacity*  88 gr/h   4.65 lbs/day  
Ozone concentration**  140-300 gr/Nm3  9-20 wt% 
Control range  10-100%  10-100% 
Energy consumption*  8kW per kg O3  3,63 kW per lbs 
Gas pressure***  1.0-3.0 barg  up to 58 PSI 
Oxygen purity  >92%  >92% 
Cooling water temp  2-30°C  35-86°F 
Max cooling water pressure  7 barg  100 PSI 
Ambient temperature range  5-40°C  40-105°F 
IP-Class  Frame size 1 – IP66 Frame size 2-4 – IP65   NEMA4x 
Control System  Beijer XPS
External com port  Modbus TCP 
HMI   7″ Touch 
* at a ozone gas concentration of 140 gr/Nm3 (9 wt%)   
** Standard version (High performance version 200-400 gr/Nm3 (13.4-25.0wt%) 
*** Standard version (High pressure version up to 4,5 barg (up to 72 PSI)