The Triton mixer

Without adding any energy, the Triton mixer™ efficiently dissolves disperses ozone into the water, incorporating a two-phase, gas-liquid into a turbulent liquid mixture. Mass transfer rates are dramatically enhanced to maximize absorption. Since the mixer does not have any moving or electrical parts it can be placed very close to the machinery that needs ozonated water without any special considerations. The compact size and shape of the Triton mixer is ideal for retrofitting.

Triton MIxer

The Triton mixer™ is designed to be used in applications in which you are connected directly to the incoming water (in-line) and where your application is a closed, meaning no open water. It has specially been designed to be used for the first (post-harvest) brushing/ polishing steps for root vegetable producers since the water is that process initial step in normal case only comes in contact with the product once.

  Triton 20  Triton 5 
Maximum water flow  20 m3/h  5 m3/h 
Maximum water pressure   Up to 10 barg  Up to 10 barg 
Pressure drop (full flow)  0.8-0.9   
Maximum gas flow  20 lpm  5 lpm 
Maximum gas pressure  4 barg  4 barg