Rebuilt Ukraine

Will there be enough water?

Historically, Ukraine was known as the “breadbasket” of Europe. After 24.02.2022 and the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation – it became painfully clear the crucial role of Ukraine in global food security.
Ukraine has tremendous potential to become the FOOD basket of the world, supplying high-quality produce, utilizing natural resources in a sustainable and ethical way, and helping to combat hunger in the world!
But, will there be enough water to rebuild the nation and grow and produce all the food?
Yes! If the Ukrainian agro-food community re-thinks the value of water and applies, at the design phase, already available advances in natural water treatment!

Ever since I left Ukraine in 2002 I was working hard and preparing myself to one day return home and apply all my knowledge and experience to help advance the progress!
I wish circumstances were different but as ready as ever to stand with Ukraine through this brutal attack, as prepared as ever to accelerate the re-modernization and re-build of Ukraine – here we stand, ready to share the knowledge, expertise, and technological advances to accelerate the innovations in the agro-food sector!

/Camilla Krulova, Arrow Lake AB