Record-breaking order for Arrow Lake from South Korea

Record-breaking order for Arrow Lake AB 

Arrow Lake AB, a scale-up company in Skåne that works with water and air purification with ozone, has this week received a record order for the company.
Arrow Lake was founded in 2016 and began its commercial journey in 2022 after completing its first ozone generator. Nowadays, they develop and produce both ozone generators and complete systems where ozone is used to improve water and air purification for a more sustainable future and have already gained several international customers.
– “The order is worth approximately SEK 14 million and is the result of systematic sales work including both preparatory work with smaller projects and pilot installations worldwide. We at Arrow Lake are very pleased to have been entrusted with this project and look forward to helping our customers reduce their chemical- and energy consumption in water treatment,” says Fredrik Bernshed, CEO of Arrow Lake.
The order is for a major installation with many of Arrow Lake’s modules.
– “Our module-based system has been developed since the company was founded and is something that enables us to dare to do a deal of this magnitude. I am proud of the progress Arrow Lake has made and am very grateful that the customer chose our system,” said Arash Golshenas, COO and Founder at Arrow Lake.