The FLO₃W® - Water Quality Management System

One system - total control over the quality of your process water!

The FLO₃W®


  • the process water without dependency on harmful chemicals
  • multiple treatment points, individual dosages


  • the dosage following the quality of incoming raw material and water


  • the quality parameters of the process water


  • the data from the production cycle


  • Production cycle data – water and product parameters
  • The quality of the water

The process and our approach.

Together with you, we will review your application and involved processes. Suppose the complexity of your application requires a particular method. In that case, we will conduct a customized test to adapt the FL03W®  system to your specific needs and to ensure that you will fully benefit from your FLO3W® ozone system.


The FLO₃W® in Aquaculture


The FLO₃W® in Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage